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Our Mission


As standardized tests become more rigorous, literacy rates have actually decreased and being able to keep students engaged gets more and more challenging.  The urgency to find a way to address these needs has never been more real.  At Watson Works, the resources we create are designed to be fun and engaging, yet still incorporate the discipline needed to teach kids the essentials.  Learning should be enjoyable, and we strive to make that part of each product we make. We are committed to providing a system of continued learning best practices, translation to tools for teachers, and designing and implementing communication of these new ideas and resultsto schools.Because we are Texas educators at heart, all of our resources are aligned to the TEKS; however, they are also aligned to the CCSS to help serve other teachers around the country, as well.

We are a team of educators and professionals with over 75 years of combined experience working together to create quality resources just for you!

Prepare Your Students All Year Long

Be on your way to testing confidence from day 1 with these excellent skill-aligned resources

 34 Week - 1 Year

Daily Spiral Reviews


Differentiated Skill-Based Task Cards


Test Prep

Assessment Review


Phonics Curriculum Year Long Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade Special Distrcit Pricing

Watson Works Phonics and Spelling 

When creating the Watson Works Phonics and Spelling Program, it was our goal to create a program that teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling, and fluency in a systematic, yet fun and engaging way to meet the needs of both students and teachers.  So, we received input from a team of veteran early elementary teachers and created a research-based program that is aligned with the TEKS Resource System ELAR Phonics Scope & Sequence and supports the Common Core State Standards for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.  Our program contains daily30-minute lesson plans, weekly assessments for progress monitoring, and cooperative learning activities to enhance instruction.  This program also targets handwriting, high frequency word study, vocabulary, and other ELAR skills, and it is designed to be used as part of an existing balanced literacy program.

Phonics Curriculum

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We HATE being left out!  Well teachers, if you've never tried task cards before, I hate to tell you, but you ARE missing out!  You may have wondered what all the task card hype is about, but have never given them a try.  

As teachers, we don't like to spend our hard-earned money on things we can't use again.  Fortunately, that'll never be an issue with task cards.  Not only can you use task cards year after year, but you can also use them multiple times during the year to quickly review skills and concepts taught previously.  

There's no time like the present! Though we strongly believe the benefits of using task cards are endless, here are 20 ways people have told us they love using task cards in their classroom. You'll be amazed by the awesome resources out there that will take your teaching to the next level.


Good news!  The updated sets of Daily Reading Ready (Grades 3-5) and Daily Writing Ready (Grades 3-4) for January have been completed. If you purchased this resource from our Teachers Pay Teachers store, all you will need to do is go into your purchases folder and download again. If you purchased from this website, please email us at info@watsonworksedu.com and once we have confirmed your purchase, we will send you the link to download the updated resource.  March sets can be expected 1- 3 days before the start of the month. Thank you for your patience with us as we continue working on updating these resources for you!


Resources updated with the new ELAR TEKS are arriving now! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified as to which products have been updated with the new ELAR TEKS. We are first updating the 1st 6-week sets of our STAR READY test prep task cards, and our August/September Daily Reading and Writing Ready Spiral Reviews.

Following these updates, we will continue to work on the Math/Reading/Writing Ready skill-specific task cards and the following sets of the test prep task cards and spiral review. Our goal is to make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it. 
 We wish you a wonderful school year!

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