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We had big plans for the year 2020. It was to be the year we translated our resources to Spanish, finished updating all of our Reading Ready and Writing Ready task cards to the 2019 TEKS, and started new projects for 2nd and 5th grade. Unfortunately, with the Covid crisis, we have had to adjust our plans like everyone else. While we do still plan on tackling those projects, we felt we needed to first focus on getting you what you can use right away for next school year regardless of where or how you find yourself teaching.

That being said, we want to let you know that even though we have been quiet these past few months, we have still been busy working behind the scenes converting all of the Daily Reading Ready and Daily Writing Ready into a digital format using Google Forms so that you can use it if your school doesn't go back to the classroom next school year. We also want you to know that all of the Daily Reading and Writing Ready has now been updated to the new TEKS. These digital resources will be different from the Distance Learning Ready resources we made at the end of last school year for the Covid crisis.

These sets inuclude:

  • 34 weeks of daily review to build & strengthen skills all year

  • 34 weekly assessments to progress monitor and assess students (Great for weekly grades!)

  • Automatic grading & data collection (making your life easier)

  • Questions/answer choices are completely editable so you can differentiate for students if needed.

  • Can be used as daily in-class review, morning work/bell-ringer, homework, literacy stations/centers, etc.

  • Embedded test prep - Students are prepping for "the test" all year long and don't even realize it!


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Right now, we are offering this resource in our TeachersPayTeachers store as individual months or a discounted growing bundle. You can click the links below to learn more about these resources to determine if they are right for you. Please note that the digital and for print versions are being sold separately.


If you would like a quote for a purchase order, please note that we are offering a 30% discount on the digital growing bundles when purchased alone and a 50% discount on the digital resource when purchased along with the PDF version. You can have your principal or curriculum coordinator send us a request for a quote below as well.


Daily Spiral Reviews - PDF Version

Direct Instruction • Reinforcement • Enrichment • Centers • Test Prep

DAILY READING READY© and  DAILY WRITING READY© are standards-based programs that follow a research-based model of continuous, systematic instruction, building from simple to complex to help students learn and retain skills.  Each bundle includes 34 weeks of daily lessons & weekly assessments that are proven to help students retain knowledge and improve test scores.


The programs are designed so that all of the grade level TEKS for the subject area are covered and reviewed before the STAAR assessment; the daily lessons & assessments after the STAAR test will continue to review the skills until the end of the school year.


Our Math Ready, Reading Ready, and Writing Ready Task Cards are skill-specific sets for every TEKS Readiness Standard for math, reading, and writing.  There are 2 sets available for each standard, a basic set and an advanced set, which allows the teacher to assess learning at various learning stages, making them perfect for differentiation!


Unlike our STAAR Wars Task Cards, our readiness task cards are designed to be used WHILE you're teaching, instead of just to review afterward.  This way you can measure learning as you go.


Grades Available: 2 - 4*

Subjects: Math, Reading, Writing**

*5th grade sets coming soon!

**Writing is only available for 4th grade at this time.


Math, Reading, & Writing Ready Task Cards

Math • Reading • Writing •Test Prep • Differentiated • Skill-Specific Sets

Phonics Curriculum
Phonics Curriculum

Watson Works Phonics and Spelling


When creating the Watson Works Phonics and Spelling Program, it was our goal to create a program that teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling, and fluency in a systematic, yet fun and engaging way to meet the needs of both students and teachers.  So, we received input from a team of veteran early elementary teachers and created a research-based program that is aligned with the TEKS Resource System ELAR Phonics Scope & Sequence and supports the Common Core State Standards for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. Our program contains daily 30-minute lesson plans, weekly assessments for progress monitoring, and cooperative learning activities to enhance instruction. This program also targets handwriting, high frequency word study, vocabulary, and other ELAR skills, and it is designed to be used as part of an existing balanced literacy program.









Test Prep Task Cards

3rd-5th Grade • Math • Reading • Writing • Comprehensive Review

Don't wait until right before the end-of-year STAAR or other state assessment to get your students ready for the test!  Prepare them each 6 weeks of school with our STAAR Wars Task Cards!  Each set includes 24 rigorous, higher-level thinking, STAAR formatted, multiple-choice questions that address the most recent TEKS and STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards. 

By using these task cards in your classroom, your students will not only gain practice in the skills needed for the test, but they will become confident and proficient test takers as a result of the questions and format being as identical as possible to the ones they will find on the STAAR test!

Sets available for each 6 weeks of school!


Grades Available: 3 - 5

Subjects: Math, Reading, Writing*

*Writing is only available for 4th grade.

Great resource to use as centers or even bell work!  The TEKS align very well with each 6 weeks, and I also enjoyed using these as centers for spiral reviews.  Highly recommend!

Melissa A.

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