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Who is Watson Works? 

Watson Works was created by two sisters whose passion is helping provide teachers classroom tools that provide kids with the knowledge and understanding of the state standards while being fun and engaging at the same time. What started off as helping fellow teachers in the local community has spread to providing resources to teachers nationwide. 


Our differentiating factor is that we create hard core, content based materials – rigorous, higher-level thinking. There is very little out there that includes this type of curriculum with technology presented in as fun of a way as possible.

As standardized tests become more rigorous, literacy rates have actually decreased and being able to keep students engaged gets more and more challenging. The urgency to find a way to address these needs has never been more real.

The children that sit before us in those small desks hold the keys to not only their futures but yours and ours, as well. They’re growing up in a time vastly different from the one in which we grew up, thus they require a different approach to learning than we did. It is our job to recognize these needs and act on them. What once worked has changed, and we must be open to trying new approaches. Before children can change the world, they must first master the requisites.

It is our vision to see that every child develops skills according to their learning styles to ensure they receive a strong start to their education. Before we can see a change in our nation’s education, we must first make changes in the education of our states and communities. 

The products we create are designed to be fun and engaging, yet still incorporate the discipline needed to teach kids the essentials. Learning should be enjoyable, and we strive to make that part of each product we make. 

Join us in taking a stand to ensure that every child, no matter their unique learning style, is taught the necessary skills to confidently take the right steps forward toward his/her future! 

Watson Work gives back a percentage of their monthly sales to
Watson Work is a proud to partner with TeachersPayTeachers

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