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Test Prep  Task Cards - Perfect for the STAAR Test

Grades 3-5 • Math • Reading • Writing • Comprehensive Review


Don’t wait until right before the end-of-year STAAR or other state assessment to get your students ready for the test! Prepare them each 6 weeks of school with our STAAR Wars 4th Grade Math Task Cards! This BUNDLE includes sets 1-6 for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th 6 weeks of school.

Each set includes 24 task cards aligned with the grade and subject's level TEKS and common core standards and are perfect for assessing where your students are and where you need to go for the next 6 weeks of school.


Each set of STAAR Wars Task Cards includes rigorous, higher-level, STAAR formatted, multiple-choice questions that address the most recent TEKS and STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards. 


Sets available for 3rd & 4th grade math, reading, and writing* for each 6-weeks of school, as well as end-of-year reviews.

*Writing is only available for 4th grade.



The STAAR reviews are the BEST! Well written

and rigorous.

Heather Humphrey

Each Bundle comes with 6 sets!

I am so excited about these! It is difficult to find resources that are as rigorous as STAAR, and these cards definitely are! Thank you!

JoBeth M.

Read what customers are saying

These have been a lifesaver! Have 4-6 in my cart right now! Thank you for taking your time to create all of these bundles.

             Cassie Thomas  

All of your STAAR Reading Task Cards have been essential to my test prep unit. I really appreciate the hard work put in to all of these to make them STAAR aligned and a true asset to my review this past month!

Juice Boxes and Crayons (TpT Seller)

I Love this! The best part though? The kids love this! Great test prep activity! We are using these as a scoot activity to prepare for STAAR and having a blast! Thanks!

Stephanie D.

These task cards have been a great help with our STAAR review in my 5th/6th grade ESL Reading classes! Thank you! Do you think you will make any cards with the 5th grade TEKS soon? I'd love some for summer school or prep for next year.

Cari O.

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