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20 Ways You're Missing Out if You're Not Using Task Cards!

We've all felt like Steve Carell's character in The Office .gif below.

We HATE being left out!  Well teachers, if you've never tried task cards before, I hate to tell you, but you ARE missing out!  You may have wondered what all the task card hype is about, but have never given them a try.  There's no time like the present!  Though we strongly believe the benefits of using task cards are endless, here are 20 ways people have told us they love using task cards in their classrooms:

1. Task Cards BREAK WORK DOWN into smaller, workable parts.

For those kids who rush through their work or get overwhelmed by long worksheets, task cards provide the perfect alternative!  Task cards are especially helpful for those teachers working with struggling students or students with learning disabilities or special needs that are still required to take a standardized test at the end of the year.  Students are still getting good, quality test prep with task cards, but it's broken down into smaller, workable amounts that they can handle more easily.

2. Kids are doing the same thing they usually do on worksheets (AND HATE), and they don't even realize it.

We all have kids who HATE doing worksheets.  Let's face it, most of them do!  And we as educators hate grading them!  One of the best things about using task cards is that kids are doing the same exact thing they would normally do on a boring worksheet, and they don't hate it.  They actually enjoy it!  And you almost feel like you're being sneaky and getting away with something (insert evil laugh here).

3. Task Cards are ALIGNED with STANDARDS.

We all have standards we have to teach, whether you're using TEKS like we do in Texas, or Common Core like most of the rest of the country.  When you use task cards, you can rest assured knowing that you're teaching and reinforcing those important standards we're required to teach, and make your principal happy at the same time! :)

4. Task Cards make TEST PREP less painful.

Students HATE test prep.  Even more, we as educators hate test prep!  When you hand out that test prep worksheet, it's amazing just how quickly your students eyes glaze over.  You know exactly what I'm talking about!  But when you use task cards, you NEVER see that look.  Instead, students are happy to start working.  And when you use task cards as a game or add in some sort of incentive, they actually become excited!  Who ever thought that test prep could actually be FUN?

5. Task Cards are EASY to implement.

Teachers juggle so many things on their plates that just the mere thought of trying something new can make you break out in a cold sweat within seconds.  Luckily, implementing task cards in your classroom is EASY!  Even if you make your own or purchase task cards you have to assemble yourself, once you begin using them and see the profound difference they make in your classroom, you'll quickly jump on the "Task Card Bandwagon!"

6.  Task Cards are FUN and ENGAGING!

Contrary to what our students believe sometimes, teachers actually prefer for the time students spend in their classrooms to be FUN and ENGAGING.  Using task cards prevents eye rolls, heavy sighs, moans, grunts, snores, glossy eyes, and drool running down the side of your students' mouths.  Instead, they're smiling, alert, engaged in the lesson, and best of all, having FUN!

7.  Task Cards allow for DIFFERENTIATION of various learning needs.

Gone are the times when students were divided into classrooms by ability level.  Today's classrooms are filled with a plethora of ability levels and learning needs, and teachers are given the arduous task of trying to meet all of them.  Task cards are available in a wide range - from basic to higher-level - for numerous skills and are essential for teachers needing to differentiate concepts for their students.