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2nd Grade Decodable Readers - 32

2nd Grade Decodable Readers - 32




We’re happy to introduce this exciting new addition to our 2nd grade phonics & spelling curriculum – decodable readers, written by Heather Watson & Wendy Beall and illustrated by Ashley Watson from Watson Works! As children learn to read, decodable readers are instrumental in building fluency and developing good reading strategies, so it was important for us to be able to offer these readers for our teachers.  We sincerely want children to be become strong, confident readers by using our phonics & spelling program, and when a child can read a decodable book on his/her own, he/she gains a real feeling of success and accomplishment, resulting in an even greater motivation to read. 


For each week of the program, we’ve created 1 decodable reader that reviews the phonics skills, spelling words, and high frequency words for that week. We are offering these readers in both color & blackline printable PDF formats, as well as in eBook formats so that teachers have the option of printing and assembling individual booklets for students or using them with their computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and other smart mobile devices.

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