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2nd Grade Phonics and Spelling Zaner-Bloser - 1 year

2nd Grade Phonics and Spelling Zaner-Bloser - 1 year


This BUNDLE includes lessons and assessments for weeks 1-32, which provides you 32 weeks of ENGAGING lessons in the areas of phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and Zaner-Bloser handwriting for the entire school year.

Are your 2nd grade students still struggling to read? Are they not quite ready for the phonics lessons in your HMH Journeys or other reading textbook? Is this causing them to fall behind? Then, this product might be just what you need to bridge that gap and get your students back on track.

These 2nd grade phonics & spelling lessons and assessments were made in collaboration with the spectacular second grade teachers on Heather's campus. They needed a phonics product that was HMH Journeys & TEKS aligned, included a weekly homework assignment and assessment, and had the continuous review of Saxon Phonics to help those students who were struggling.

These lessons print beautifully in color, but look just as great in black & white.

Each week, you'll find:
1) daily lessons
2) homework
3) Zaner-Bloser handwriting practice
4) spelling assessment
5) phonics assessment
6) spelling/high frequency flashcards
6) cooperative learning cards & suggestions for use
7) teacher instructions & answer key

These week 1-32 lesson sets feature back to school, autumn, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Martin Luther King Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, spring, & summer themes.


The following activities are included in the lesson sets:
Touch & Say
Code & Read
Listen & Spell
Picture & Spell
Word Families
ABC Order
Fill in the Blank
Grammar Practice
Vocabulary Practice
Root Words
Segment Syllables
Segment Phonemes
Sound Recognition (initial, middle, & final sounds)
High Frequency Word Box

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