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3rd Grade Daily Language Review for January New ELA TEKS

3rd Grade Daily Language Review for January New ELA TEKS


With the implementation of the new ELA TEKS this year, having a daily spiral review in your toolbox that reviews all the TEKS for language, spelling, and writing is a MUST!! DAILY WRITING READY© is a standards-based program that follows a research-based model of continuous, systematic instruction, building from simple to complex to help students learn and retain skills.  In this 3rd grade unit for January, students practice language & writing skills in 10-15 minute daily lessons. Skills taught in this unit include:


  • Capitalization (proper nouns, holidays, months, days of the week, titles of people, geographical names & places, beginning of sentence)
  • Complete sentences (compound subjects/predicates)
  • Simple & compound sentences
  • Homophones (bare/bear, meat/meet, read/red, road/rode, sea/see, wait/weight, weak/week, when/win)
  • Parts of speech (comparative/superlative adjectives)
  • Punctuation (apostrophes in possessives & contractions, commas in a series, comma in compound sentence, comma in dates, ending punctuation)
  • Spelling (doubling final consonants when adding suffixes, multisyllabic words)
  • Diagramming sentences
    • 2019 TEKS: 3.2Bi, 3.2Bii, 3.2Biii, 3.2Biv, 3.2Bvi, 3.2Bvii, 3.11D, 3.11Di, 3.11Dii, 3.11Diii, 3.11Div, 3.11Dvi, 3.11Dvii, 3.11Dviii, 3.11Dix, 3.11Dx, 3.11Dxi
    • CCSS: L.2.2.C, L.3.1, L.3.1.A, L.3.1.D, L.3.1.G, L.3.1.H, L.3.1.I, L.3.2, L.3.2.A, L.3.2.D, L.3.2.E, L.3.2.F, L.4.1.E, L.4.1.G, L.4.2.C, L.5.2.A
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