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4th Grade Daily Language Review for January New ELA TEKS

4th Grade Daily Language Review for January New ELA TEKS


With the implementation of the new ELA TEKS this year, having a daily spiral review in your toolbox that reviews all the TEKS for language, spelling, and writing is a MUST!! DAILY WRITING READY© is a standards-based program that follows a research-based model of continuous, systematic instruction, building from simple to complex to help students learn and retain skills.  In this 4th grade unit for January, students practice language & writing skills in 10-15 minute daily lessons. Skills taught in this unit include:


  • capitalization (proper nouns; movies & speeches; historical events, races, languages, & nationalities; beginning of sentence)
  • simple & compound sentences
  • fragments, run-ons, & complete sentences
  • punctuation (apostrophes, commas, ending punctuation, quotation marks)
  • time-order transition words
  • introductory elements, names, & phrases
  • contractions
  • plural & possessive nouns
  • double negatives
  • using I and me
  • abbreviations
  • dates & addresses
  • homophones (ate/eight, knew/new, knot/not, know/no, one/won, right/write, their/there/they’re, weak/week, when/win)
  • parts of speech (irregular verbs, conjunctions, & reflexive pronouns)
  • spelling (double consonants, plural rules, irregular plurals, adding suffixes –ed & –ing)
  • diagramming sentences
  • How it Works:
    Monday – Thursday, students will practice:

    • 2 sentence-editing exercises
    • 2-3 language/vocabulary exercises
    • 1 sentence-diagramming exercise
    • 1 exit ticket (a short, 1-2 minute formative assessment linked to the objective of that day’s lessons)


    On Friday, students will complete a brief, 1-page formal assessment measuring their understanding of the skills taught during the week. An optional study guide is provided also to give to students on Monday before the test so that parents can work with their children at home throughout the week.

    *This unit is part of our full-year 4th Grade DAILY WRITING READY© Bundle (34 weeks of daily lessons & weekly assessments). All assessed TEKS will be covered during the first 20 weeks of the program (August – February week 2). In week 21 (February week 3), the daily lessons will evolve into short STAAR-formatted passages with 2 revising & editing multiple-choice questions each day on Monday-Thursday.
    The Friday assessments for weeks 21-34 will include a slightly longer STAAR-formatted passage with 10 revising & editing multiple-choice questions and an optional expository writing prompt. The program is designed so that all assessed 4th grade ELA TEKS are covered and reviewed before the STAAR Writing Test; the daily lessons & assessments after the STAAR test will continue to review the 4th grade ELA skills until the end of the school year.

    **Though this DAILY WRITING READY© unit was made with our Texas teacher friends in mind, it is also aligned with 4th grade CCSS, making it easily usable by any 4th grade teacher teaching English/Language Arts/Writing all over the U.S.**

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