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4th Grade - Reading Ready® Vocab Bundle

4th Grade - Reading Ready® Vocab Bundle


Customers who used our 4th grade STAAR WARS Reading Task Cards loved them, and many emailed us asking us for more. So we listened! But instead of creating more STAAR review sets, we thought it would be even better to have task card sets that could be used WHILE you’re teaching, instead of just to review afterward. This way you can measure learning as you go. So, we decided to create task card sets for every TEKS Readiness Standard for reading, math, and writing. We will have 2 sets available for each TEKS Readiness Standard, a basic set and an advanced set, which allows the teacher to assess learning at various learning stages, making them perfect for differentiation.

When you purchase this BUNDLE, you get all of our Basic & Advanced READING READY 4th Grade Understanding Across Genres Task Cards – 6 total sets!! These READING READY task card sets focus on the three TEKS Readiness Standards for 4th grade genres:

•determine the meaning of grade-level academic English words derived from Latin, Greek, or other linguistic roots and affixes (4.2A).
•use the context of the sentence (e.g., in-sentence example or definition) to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words or multiple meaning words (4.2B)
•Use a dictionary or glossary to determine the meanings, syllabication, and pronunciation of unknown words (4.2E).

The 3 BASIC sets help your students practice & apply their understanding of the vocabulary skills listed below at a simpler, basic level with shorter texts and fewer answer choices, while the 3 ADVANCED sets feature rigorous, higher-level thinking questions with longer texts and more answer choices, making the pair of sets perfect for differentiation.


*Though our READING READY Task Cards are made with our Texas teacher friends in mind, they are also aligned with 4th grade CCSS, making them easily usable by any 4th grade teacher teaching vocabulary skills all over the U.S.*

Instructions are included for 4 methods of review: task cards review in centers/groups/pairs/individuals, a SCOOT game, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, and a "Be the Teacher" game, but these cards can be used in a variety of other ways to meet your needs.

  • These 6 sets assess your students’ comprehension of:

    SETS 1 (Basic & Advanced):
    •Root Words/Prefixes (audi, auto, bio, dict, meter, non-, phobia, pre-, re-, tele-, un-, vis)
    •Suffixes (-able, -er, -ful, -ible, -less, -ly, -ment, -ology, -or, -tion)

    Standards Covered:

    TEKS: 4.2A
    CCSS: RF.4.3.A

    SETS 2 (Basic & Advanced):
    •Determining meaning using in-sentence definitions
    •Determining meaning using in-sentence examples
    •Finding specific clue words in a sentence/paragraph to determine meaning

    Standards Covered:

    TEKS: 4.2B
    CCSS: RI.4.4

    SETS 3 (Basic & Advanced):
    •Determining meaning using a dictionary
    •Determining meaning using a glossary
    •Using context clues in a sentence/paragraph to determine meaning

    Standards Covered:

    TEKS: 4.2E
    CCSS: L.4.4.C

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