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5th Grade Daily Reading Ready® - JANUARY

5th Grade Daily Reading Ready® - JANUARY


If you loved our 5th Grade Reading STAAR Wars© Task Cards, you’re going to love our new DAILY READING READY© monthly units, as well! DAILY READING READY© is a standards-based program that follows a research-based model of continuous, systematic instruction, building from simple to complex to help students learn and retain skills.  In this unit for January, students practice reading & vocabulary skills in 10-15 minute daily lessons. Skills taught in this unit include:


•author’s purpose & craft

•compare & contrast

•context clues


•figurative language

•genre – informational/expository, fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry

•images/words/graphics/sounds to impact meaning

•literary language & devices

•main idea & supporting details

•making inferences & drawing conclusions

•making connections between literary & informational texts

•making predictions

•meaning of unfamiliar/multiple-meaning words

•paired passages

•poetry elements & structure


•root words & affixes


•supporting understanding with textual evidence

•text features & graphics

  • •2019 TEKS: 5.3A, 5.3B, 5.3C, 5.6C, 5.6E, 5.6F, 5.7D, 5.8B, 5.9B, 5.9Di, 5.9Dii, 5.10A, 5.10B, 5.10C, 5.10D, 5.10E


    CCSS: L.5.4.A, L.5.4.B, L.5.4.C, RI.4.2, RI.4.7, RI.5.1, RI.5.2, RI.5.3, RI.5.4, RI.5.10, RL.4.3, RL.5.1, RL.5.2, RL.5.3, RL.5.4, RL.5.5, RL.5.6, RL.5.7, RL.5.10

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