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Kindergarten Phonics Homework Zaner-Bloser - 1 Year {TEKS-aligned}

Kindergarten Phonics Homework Zaner-Bloser - 1 Year {TEKS-aligned}


This Kindergarten phonics homework was made in collaboration with the wonderful Kindergarten teachers on Heather's campus, as part of our Kindergarten Phonics & Spelling Zaner-Bloser 1-Year Lessons & Assessments Bundle. They needed a phonics product that was HMH Journeys & TEKS aligned and had the continuous review of Saxon Phonics. Because we've had so many requests from teachers for the homework portion of the curriculum to be sold separately, we've decided to do our best to meet their needs.

Included in this set, are 32 weeks of engaging weekly phonics homework (Monday - Thursday) for the entire school year, which reviews phonics & phonemic awareness skills, coding, handwriting, spelling, and high frequency words.


The following activities are included in this homework set:
ABC Order
Blending Sounds
Code & Read
High Frequency Words
How Does it END? (final sound)
Letter Find
Letter Formation
Phoneme Isolation
Rhyme Time
Segment Phonemes
Sound Recognition
Substitute Sounds
Track Syllables
What’s in the Middle? (medial sound)
What Sound Comes F1RST? (beginning/initial sound)

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