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QR Version - STAAR Wars Set 1

QR Version - STAAR Wars Set 1


These rigorous, higher-level thinking questions are made in STAAR format, have multiple choice answers, and address these skills:

SET 1:
•1-step & 2-step problems – solve & represent problems involving addition/subtraction within 1,000
•Analyze & communicate mathematical ideas & relationships
•Communicate mathematical ideas using graphs, number lines
•Compare & order whole numbers up to 100,000
•Compose & decompose numbers up to 100,000
•Money – determining value of a collection of bills & coins
•Number lines between 2 consecutive multiples of 10, 100, 1,000, & 10,000
•Perimeter of a polygon or missing length
•Place value through hundred thousands place
•Rounding to the nearest 10 or 100

Standards Covered:
3.1D, 3.1F, 3.1G, 3.2, 3.2A, 3.2B, 3.2C, 3.2D, 3.4A, 3.4B, 3.4C, 3.5A, 3.7B
•CCSS - 2.NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.2, 2.NBT.A.4, 2.MD.B.6, 2.MD.C.8, 3.MD.D.8, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.NBT.A.3, 3.OA.D.8

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